Yearly Newsletter March 3rd, 2023

YEARLY studio update! I was very very overly ambitious when I did my first studio [...]


What’s the Deal with Leather Weights?

Hi everyone! I thought I’d take the time to talk a little bit more about [...]


Monthly Newsletter: July 18th, 2021

Hello! Happy Sunday! Here’s a peek into my life today:Went to the farmer’s market this [...]

3 Ways to Style the Hauteur Leather Neck Harness

Thanks to Lovelorn and their size- inclusive line of handcrafted leather goods, trying out plus [...]

3 Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Leather Harness

Getting a statement piece from Love Lorn Lingerie really feels like a must-have addition to [...]

3 Ways to Style a Black Leather Harness for Fall!

A crisp handpicked apple for breakfast. A soft cozy sweater against your skin. A good [...]

Why Choose Leather For Harnesses?

Why Choose Leather? Leather has been around for a long, long time. It’s been used [...]

Starter Story Interview: How I Started My Own Lingerie Business Side Hustle

An interview with Starter story The Home-Grown Efforts of an Independent Lingerie Business Last year, [...]

Downloadable Love Lorn Lingerie Adult Coloring Page

Hey all! I hope you’re all doing alright during this pandemic. I’ve been sheltering at [...]


Top 3 Harnesses for Burning Man 2019

Burning Man is right around the corner, and to help you look your best for [...]

Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Cancer

“THE CRAB” Element: Water Ruler: Moon Strengths: Loyal, Charismatic, Persuasive, Great Imagination, Deeply Loving, Courageous, [...]

Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Gemini

“THE TWINS” Element : Air Ruler : Mercury Strengths : Can See Both Sides To [...]

Sustainable for Spring!

Written by Breezy Diabo The world seems to be turning upside down. There are times [...]

Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Taurus

“THE BULL” Element : Earth Ruler : Venus Strengths : Reliable, Practical, Stable, Devoted, Loyal [...]

Breaking Up in the Age of Social Media

By Breezy Diabo “We need to talk…” or “Can we talk?” Any combination with the [...]

Valentine’s Day Guide For The New Yorker

By Breezy Diabo Welp it’s that time of year again… Valentine’s Day. Also known as [...]

Love Lorn Lingerie’s 5 Year Anniversary!

On this day five years ago, I started an Etsy shop on a whim, using [...]

New Year, New Sex

Writer: Breezy Diabo || January 2019 The phrase “new year, new me” will soon be [...]

Visit Love Lorn Lingerie’s Home Studio!

Welcome to my Home Studio! Hello All!  In this post, I’m going to give you all [...]