New Year, New Sex

Sex positive, leather harness, sex postions
Writer: Breezy Diabo || January 2019

Sex positive, leather harness, sex postionsThe phrase “new year, new me” will soon be flooding social media platforms all over for the next few months, until our unrealistically high set resolutions and goals for the year fade. Some may pledge to the sweat and tears of a ‘better body’, while other swear off sugar, salt, and everything that honestly tastes as good as the enemy! As humans, we are so quick to change everything once the clock strikes midnight. More specifically, women like to use this holiday as a Cinderella effect where her pumpkin will magically turn into a beautiful shiny silver carriage, equipped with Vogue worthy outfits and a prince or princess. We are so quick to make promises to God that “we will be better and more religious”, change our entire wardrobes so that the person we have been crushing on will notice us, hair color/cut, makeup routines, workout routines and it can feel very materialistic (not all of us are like this of course, but it is the overall consensus).

Many of us are not really thinking about what makes us feel good inside. More to the point, who we let inside and how. As women we have a tendency to be afraid of communicating with our partners about what we like, our fantasies, what doesn’t feel right and so often are we trying to please the other person or worrying about what they’ll think, we start forcing ourselves to have routine sex. In this article we’re telling you to let your thoughts shine! We took to Instagram to take a poll of everyone’s favorite go to positions and the top three were: Doggie Style, Missionary, and Spooning. It’s not to say these positions aren’t great and that everyone should try over the top, awkward positions, but through extensive research I have found 8 positions that are not too crazy but will spice up your everyday sex life. You can try these with a partner (man or woman) and by yourself to get the ball rolling now that it’s dropped this year. Safe sex is the best sex, so be sure to protect yourself, talk about STDs, STIs, what you like and don’t like, stretch, and have fun! Foreplay definitely welcome for a good time!

Come One, Come All!

1. London Bridge

Start on your back, with your hands by your ears and your elbow facing up. Push upward when you’re ready, arching your back and allowing your partner to hold your ass and hips up. The Bridge is a little more advanced (think yoga), that requires a strong core, hip flexors, shoulders and arms if you want to perform it from more than a few seconds. If you can build up the strength it is definitely worth it. Also great for oral. Try on bed first*

The Aisling geometric black leather harness bra is great for this position because it will show off all your curves for your partner to gawk over while looking down at you.

2. Golden X Goddess

This is the only “ex” you’ll be glad to run into this year! Also known as the “Crisscross,” this position requires slow, intimate movement. Lay on your back and have your partner sit facing you, with your legs crossing over each other to form an X. Help them go deeper by holding hands as they thrust.

Vesta Leather Bandeau Bra with Sleeves and Vesta Rose Gold Leather Hip Harness for this position will make you feel like a goddess.

3. Waterfall

It’s time! Now it’s his turn to experience the head rush. For this variation of girl on top, have your partner lay off the edge of bed, with their head resting on the floor, while you hop on top. You’ll both love your views and the fact that you’re totally in control (can also be done same sex).

Vesta Leather Posture Crown will make you feel like the dominant queen while your partner looks up at you.

Fay Strappy Lace Longline Bralette is great for this position because it will be soft on your skin and ribs while you bend over.

4. The Delivery

With both of you standing, you bend all the way over while you’re handcuffed to your partner’s forearms. This connects you in a whole other way while they enter you from behind. Bending over while having sex helps the vaginal walls to tightened aaand increases the intensity of the friction. Additionally they can handcuff one arm back while using the other to rub your clit.

Foxy Lady!

1. Down Girl

*When using restraints make sure you communicate. Lay your lady face down on the edge of a bed and handcuff her wrists together over her head. Put a pillow under her face so she can face the side to breathe. Spread her legs open with your legs firmly holding her in place or use a spreader bar. Get down on your knees comfortably and go to town on your abcs.

rainbow leather collar, pride lgbtq fashion, lovelornlingerie

Her and Her Collars! Need I say more?

2. Siren Song

This requires you both to get wet in the shower. With your back against the shower wall, bring your foot up to the edge of the tub and or a ledge and rest it there creating a seat. Have her rest her sitz bones on your leg so her clit is elevated and exposed, allowing her to grind on your leg and for your to rub it.

Halcyon Clear PVC Waist Cincher Belt works well in the shower and will give you something to grab on to help her grind on you.

clear pvc shoulder cuffs, love lorn lingerie

Halcyon Clear PVC Shoulder Cuffs for you to wear …… they match!

Me, Myself and I

Last… But very not least is some alone time with yourself! Here are two positions that offer self love with a happy twist.

1. Side Halasana (Plough)

Lay stomach down on the bed or floor. Facing your full length mirror if you have. Just like in yoga, float your knee to your ear, which is a lot easier laying down then in doward dog like in traditional yoga practices. Take the same arm as the knee and come around between your legs, with your hand find your g spot or use a vibrator. Laying on your stomach allows your body to relax and have an orgasm faster and allows you to grind.

Alexis Strappy Leather Brief is easy to reach around for a good time and will have you feeling yourself!

Enlil Clear PVC Laced Bustier and Enlil Clear PVC Laced Open Crotch Bikini with Halcyon Clear PVC Waist Cincher Belt for extra sensory stimulation on your skin and through the water.

2. Horny Mermaid

Get in the bathtub so you’re totally submerged and slide your back right under the faucet with your legs up in the air right above the faucet. Let the water flow all over you, positioning your clit so the water is hitting it right where it needs to. Trust me, being apart of this world is worth the arm/back ache the next day depending on where your facet is located.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you’ve had a lovely New Year’s Celebration, and here’s to a more exciting, more pleasurable 2019!

Written by Breezy Diabo for Love Lorn Lingerie, January 2019

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