Downloadable Love Lorn Lingerie Adult Coloring Page

Hey all! I hope you’re all doing alright during this pandemic. I’ve been sheltering at home and continuing to work (I work from home normally anyway). I’ve also been able to take this time and expand into other areas of art, namely drawing! I used to draw A LOT when I was high school. It’s been nice being able to pick it up again, now that any non-home activities are off the table for the foreseeable future. So! If you need something to keep your mind off of the quarantine, even for a little bit, here is the first of a series of Art Nouveau pieces I’m working on! I have it here as a simple coloring page; it’s 8.5×11 or there about, and you can download it and print it or use it in one of those coloring apps.

Have fun, and stay safe everyone! <3

PDF Version

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