Top 3 Harnesses for Burning Man 2019

Burning Man is right around the corner, and to help you look your best for Burning Man,we’ve compiled some items we believe are perfect for the event!


The God Killer Leather Body Harness

Quite appropriately titled, this piece will have you in the best threads at the festival, and even Zeus will be asking where you picked this bad boy up.

Tired of body harnesses that hang rather than hug you?

Well, this harness eliminates that issue. Handcrafted to a high standard, the God Killer Harness is guaranteed to hug your ribs and waist; ensuring you don’t find yourself at Burning Man with a harness baggier than a pair of 90s jeans.

For further subjectivity to your shape and size, the shoulder straps, and rib and waistbands are all adjustable!

Not to mention the black leather that’s weaved into this product is soft and smooth so that when you’re enjoying your festivities you don’t need to worry about chafing or any of the other issues accompanied with the use of poor quality leather.

Not that we’d know of these issues since we only opt for the highest quality leather! (Duh).

The God Killer Body Harness; the perfect piece for when you’ve got to kill a God at 5, but attend Burning Man at 6.

The Starla Ring & Rhinestone Bralette and Skirted Belt

This Love Lorn Lingerie piece proves that chainmail inspired outfits make great medieval armour, AND glamorous wardrobe pieces.

This piece features 44 1 inch wide gold o-rings, that create this chainmail effect.

The rings themselves are interlocked through the use of black leather and rhinestones rivets that really add an element of glamour to the skirt.

Not to mention, this excellent item doesn’t discriminate!

That’s right. The Starla Ring skirted belt makes for an adjustable wardrobe piece, with the side belts equipped with extra length and extra holes for you to ensure your experience with the item is a personalized one.

Make the Nevada climate the second hottest thing at burning man, with the Starla Ring and Rhinestones Skirted Belt!

The Lispeth Gold Black Leather Chest Harness

Ever look at the unique outfits at Burning Man and get a little envious?

Well. We’ve got you covered right here.

The Lispeth Gold Black Leather Chest Harness fits right in with the Burning Man outfit scene, as it highlights and embodies (no pun intended) the confidence the attendees of Burning Man have in themselves.

The sunburst midriff of this outfit even applies to Burning Man, with it almost being symbolic of the hot Nevada sun.

Not to mention that the black leather outlines and frames the wearer, and the gold bars add to the glamour appeal of the piece.

Look confident in yourself AND your outfit, with this luxury leather chest harness

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