Breaking Up in the Age of Social Media

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Breaking Up in the Age of Social Media

By Breezy Diabo

“We need to talk…” or “Can we talk?”

Any combination with the words “we” and “talk” used to instill fear in our bones. We knew what was coming next: a very awkward conversation tidied up with pretty phrases like “It’s just not the right time,” or “It’s not you it’s me, but I hope to remain friends…”  In many cases we did not, in fact, remain “friends”. We avoided that person at all costs.

Ah the good old days! With so many different labels put onto a relationship now, and the ever growing aspect of social media, it becomes hard to tell if we’re really broken up or in this weird wide web limbo. How can you tell if you’ve moved on or not when you’re still a part of their persona on their social media handles. We’ve all been either the “ex” or the one “committing the sins”.  Some of us are better at handling how to communicate with exes during this new age of connecting over the internet, while others run and hide. When it boils down to it, we’re all connected in this world by these two things: having an ex and social media. Today it becomes even more complicated after a breakup because either you’re A:) Acting like you’re living an incredible fairy tale life in the hopes that your ex sees it and feels some type of way or you B:) See your ex’s feed pop up on yours with a post that has a caption under it with lyrics that you and all your mutual friends know is a stab at your past relationship. There are so many ways a breakup can go when it comes to this new age of social media. What people are willing to share with the public now is very different from a decade ago – and breaking up couldn’t feel more complicated. We’ve compiled the different types of exes you’ll face in your lifetime and how to deal with them.

The One That Got Away

That You Will Always Care About and That You’re maybe still Secretly Sexually
Attracted to…

Most of us will have that one person that we consider “the Ex”. The fairy tale romance that we thought people would write sappy love songs about. We put them in the “what if” box and daydream about them from time to time. Most of these exes, whether it’s for good or bad reasons, have affected us so deeply that they have transformed us and changed all our future relationships. We become, in a way, grateful that they were in our lives, no matter how badly they hurt us. This relationship might even be an example of you loving them more than they loved you.

With all of that said, seeing them on your feed most likely isn’t the best for your mental health. Daydreaming is fine, but at some point you have to stop dreaming and start moving on with your life. To start living! The best advice for the one who got away is to thank them for all the lessons that you learned and turn off their notifications. Don’t stalk who they are hanging out with or what new cafe they are now frequenting… definitely don’t use it as an excuse to “bump into them”. It’s alright to occasionally check in on what is going on with their lives, but maybe after the first year, this way you’re not always second guessing yourself or comparing your new partners to them.

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The One That Just Won’t Leave You Alone

And Creeps On Your Social Media

This type of ex does not understand boundaries and doesn’t comprehend how to let go. They don’t mind blowing up your phone the very moment the thought of you crosses their mind, nor do they get embarrassed to watch all your Instagram stories, comment on photos, and so on. In other words they are very open about the fact that they miss you and don’t care if others know it. Some may find this to be flattering and may enjoy the attention, but if you broke up more than 8 months ago, it may be time to cut the cord. Not only for your peace of mind, but for theirs. Politely wish them well, but let them know you are trying to move on. If they still continue to message a year later, it’s probably time to stop following them and block them on all accounts…that may send the message they aren’t receiving…thank you next!

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The One Who Constantly Throws Jabs At You!

Most of us like to maintain an untarnished, kind demeanor on our social medias. You’re just cruising along, scrolling through your feed, but then wait! That post? Is that.. Is that about me? You don’t want to be self-centered and think every post is about you, but sometimes the given clues and context are just TOO suspicious.  Now under some circumstances I can understand why some people make jabs at their exes, and how easy it would be to jab back, but when there are mutual friends, coworkers, and family members seeing these posts, it can get a little iffy. Sometimes it’s simply more responsible to just talk to the person first and find out why they are upset or hurting. Maybe the two of you can have some closure instead of a 90;ss teen drama. If this type of behavior continues and it starts to make you second guess your character and who you are as a person, I say hit the block button. Allow them to stew, put up their song lyrics and stories, and put your mind to rest. If you can’t see it, it will not hurt you. Also ask those mutual friends to not send you screenshots of what that person is saying.  A bully without retaliation fizzles out after a while.

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The One You’re Still Friends With…

We are all familiar with couple goals, but what I find even more heartwarming is ex goals: when two exes can become friends. Sometimes two people really are better off as friends and not lovers. It can be difficult to ease off into a purely platonic relationships but it can be highly worth it! Congratulations to those who have, and who have been able to maintain a comfortable, friendly relationship on social media! The advice I give to those is to make sure it STAYS a platonic relationship so nothing gets mottled. Also remember to allow yourselves some time to get to the friend stage and allow others to be in your lives. There is nothing worse than having someone crushing on you pass you up because they think you have something going on with said “friend”.

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Overall, just like in the real world, if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. If you find it difficult seeing the name of an ex pop up on social media it may be time to press that block button. This way you can move on, not have to wonder “what if”, and give your brain and heart a detox.

Do any of your exes fall into these categories? Or do you find yourself doing some of these?

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