We Love Genuine Leather

Leather is the heart of Love Lorn Lingerie. I pick out large rolls of leather and base the designs around the specific leather – the softness, thickness, hand, as well as the finish, all dictate how I design the products. This means that the natural variations in the leather create totally unique finished products, every time. I am currently in love with a smooth, firm Italian vegetable tanned cow leather that I purchase from a local leather store (just a quick 15min drive from me!). I make a point to use only cow and sheep leathers, with the occasional buffalo leather. I never use exotic leathers, as it’s more sustainable to use leathers that are essentially by products of the meat industry.

I describe the leathers by ounces, which is a standard way of measuring in the leather industry. It effectively describes the thickness of the leather. A 1oz leather is 1/64th of an inch thick, so it’s light and delicate.  I tend to use leathers that are 3oz-6oz, with the thickest leathers at 8-9oz (about 1/8inch thick). 

This is only half of the unused leathers I keep in my workshop, waiting for the right inspiration.
This is only half of the unused leathers I keep in my workshop, waiting for the right inspiration.

We Love Fabric

Recently I’ve expanded into softer fabrics such as my favourite, satin elastic, as well as rayon, silk, and lace for our softest lingerie.

We Love Metal

Most of the hardware used in these designs is made from a zinc alloy or steel and then plated with nickel, gunmetal nickel, or brass.

This means that unfortunately much of the hardware (buckles, rivets, rings, etc) I use is only available in nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, I am currently sourcing alternative, nickel-free hardware for all my products — but in the meantime, I can work with you to create an alternative for your order.

We Love to Create

If you’re looking for a specialty item just for you, with certain fabrics or leathers, or nickel-free, contact me at any time. I specialize in custom and bespoke orders for body harnesses, lingerie, leather bras, costume and performance designs.