Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Taurus

Taurus Sign


Element : Earth

Ruler : Venus

Strengths : Reliable, Practical, Stable, Devoted, Loyal

#Likes : High Quality Clothing, Lavish Goods + Foods, Romance


Taurus Sign


Solid and persistent, just like the bull, Taurus’ are one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Taurus’ like to harvest the fruits of their labor and therefore like to be constantly surrounded by love, beauty, material goods, and physical pleasures. While some may see their stubborn ways as a weakness, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It allows them independence and security.

As an earth sign they do not like flashy, over the top, or gaudy things. A Taurus would rather own something practical, long-lasting, and #luxurious.

Sexy Side:

The Taurus is an extremely sensual zodiac sign. Smell, touch, and all things pleasurable are important to them. Taurus women specifically are masters of the art of seduction. Due to her patience, she will wait until she gets what she wants. As a down to earth old soul, men and women prepare to court and treat this Taurus Goddess right!

Lingerie Fit For A Bull

*Note all lingerie, clothing and accessories picked are from female operated sustainable companies and carry an array of sizes for #everywoman

When I think of long-lasting, beautiful, and practical lingerie, black lingerie and garter belt lingerie are my first thoughts. Classic, sensual, and forever goes with anything and everything, these pieces are fit for a bull goddess!

Lacy black lingerie is delicate and easy for this down to earth sign. While leather lingerie is fun to spice up your intimate wardrobe, lace allows a more functional and everyday use.

Customize It!

Persephone Lace High-Neck Bralette

From LoveLorn Lingerie $70

This bra is not only super comfortable and sexy, but it takes black lingerie to a more modern vibe with its design and can be customized! Pick from 7 different laces and have a custom made bra that will last!

Not all lingerie needs to match! To offset the sensual luxury of lace with some solid practicality, try these cheeky cotton panties. Cotton still reigns as the queen of everyday panty fabrications; the breathability and natural fibers help keep the vagina’s PH levels balanced. The screen printed uterus in the front also adds a cute, quiet humor. Perfect for the sign whose ruling planet is Venus!

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From Knickerocker $27

Customize It!

Persephone Lace Garter Belt

From LoveLorn Lingerie $65

This classic lace garter belt lingerie has a wide elastic waistband and adjustable garter straps. The wider waistband helps keep the whole kit and caboodle up and secure! Taurus’ need to feel secure and stable, and who can do that if your stockings are sliding down? Can also be customized by picking from 7 different laces!

When it comes to comfortable clothing, few things beat a stretchy, knit dress! This handmade skater dress features a flattering scoop neck, fitted top, three quarter sleeves and flared skirt. The adorable cactus and succulent print allows any Taurus to match with their undoubtedly thriving plant collection (Taurus’ frequently find comfort in green, growing things so there’s a high chance they have a couple of these babies adorning their window sills.) The scoop neck also acts as a little peephole for the black lace of the bralette to show through; a hint of sensuality beneath the earthly exterior.

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From TinyCatDesignsStudios $98


From PeonyandMossSocks $43

Spring babies like Taurus’s know how temperamental the weather can be. Warm and sunny one day, cold and rainy the next. These thigh high knit stockings keep your legs warm on those rainy days when you still want to wear a cute dress! Made out of sinfully soft alpaca wool, even the pickiest Taurus (and they have among the highest standards for touch) would find nothing to complain about. Sourced and made in the US! Although these come in one size, it’s worth reaching out to the shop owner about expanding her size range!

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Finish off your outfit with this cozy hand knitted cardigan from Loopy Mango. The big cotton yarns are warm without being itchy the way sheep’s wool can be, and it’s easier to wash! The cropped silhouette can highlight the narrowest point of your waist, and when paired with a flared skater dress, can emphasize an hourglass shape. Handmade in the US, with a choice of 17 colors!

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From LoopyMango $525

And there you have it! What do you think? Do you know any Taurus’s who would rock these pieces? Would YOU rock it? Comment below, and thanks for reading!

By Breezy Diabo, in collaboration with Jessica Ding (resident Taurus!)

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