Valentine’s Day Guide For The New Yorker

Valentine's Day Guide for the new yorker

By Breezy Diabo

Welp it’s that time of year again… Valentine’s Day. Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, it’s my theory that you either love it or you could care less about it.

Originating as a Western Christian feast day, VDay honored one or two early saints named Valentinus. It was recognized as a significant cultural and religious celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions. Today, however, commercialization has twisted and warped it, much like other ancient rituals and celebrations. It is now yet another spectacle on how much we can afford to shower our partners with gifts, money and other treats.

Single, taken, “it’s complicated”, whether you love or hate February 14th, I challenge you to put down your phones, forget about the gifts and really focus on what this day should be about. LOVE! Go old school and take someone out for an adventure, throw a dinner party, and write handmade cards for your family, friends, and loved ones.  In this article, we’re covering where to go in the city for different types of New Yorkers, paired with some fun leather harnesses or lace lingerie suggestions!

Note: Getting a card is something special when someone takes the time to write one out for you. It’s something an individual can keep forever and store away easily.

Sweethearts: Ideas for couples

*Can Also Be Done with a Friend!

The frisky couple

Where- Museum of Sex (Manhattan)

This place is super fun to walk around in! The exhibits are fun and educational (and can give you some fun new ideas), there’s a bouncy house, and it’s easy to get to! Like with any museum, there’s a great gift shop where you and your partner can purchase some items for later.

*Tickets may be purchased online or day of.



Featuring Seth Kessel along with steamy burlesque and circus performances by the Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza: Darlinda Just Darlinda, Jo Weldon, She’s The Pot & The Kettle, Fem Appeal, the teddy bear with claws, Broody Valentino, and more! It’s a lot that you absolutely won’t want to miss out on! Plus DJ Momotaro. Who doesn’t love a good show?

*Tickets may be purchased online or at the door, fees differ.

The frisky couple

Where- The Poetry Brothel: Lupercalia

This immersive literary cabaret seems like a fantastic adventure for book lovers! Prepare yourself for a night of good text at this cabaret-and-reading series’ special edition called Lupercalia—an ancient pastoral festival (celebrated in Rome) to ward off evil (exes) and promote health and fertility. Enjoy private poetry readings over the course of the evening, and take in spectacular shows from aerial artists and racy burlesque performers as well as live music.


Where – Lust (Brooklyn)

If danger excites you, this may be the event for you! This open-minded, consent-affirming dinner party invites you to eat meals entirely off nude models, witness stirring fetish art, bond with strangers in cuddle puddles, drip wax on human candelabras and party with a crew of experimental performers.
Dinner at 7pm, main event at 9:30.
February 15th-16th*

Tickets purchased online here. Get them fast, they’re nearly sold out!

What to Wear

Some go to leather harnesses for these adventurous plans!

The Low-key couple

where – Gramercy park hotel

The decor of this hotel, with its rich colors and lush textures in velvet, is why it’s on this guide. They are having a special for Valentine’s Day which includes a bottle of Champagne and chocolate truffles delivered to your room upon arrival. Great place to have a stay-cation with your partner or close friend, eat in, get a couples massage, and relax.

*Reserve online or call.

THE low-key COUPLE

Where- Alternative To A Hotel?
Staycation At The Comfort Of
Your Own Home! (Home Sweet Home)

Many of us don’t have hundreds of dollars to
stay overnight at a super luxe hotel, so why
not make your home/apt the perfect
romantic haven? Get out your candles, great music, massage oils, and masks for your own spa night. Order in food and put on a great flick. *Fun activity? Build a fort, and then tear it down together!

What to Wear

Lacy lingerie and accessories that are easy to pack and sexy, but still good for the low-key no-fuss couple.
Customize It!
Customize It!

All My Singles, Put Your
Hands Up!

For the social butterfly

Where – Fuck Love At The House Of Yes

It’s a sexy crazy dance party with gorgeous lights, great music, performances, kissing booths, clothing drive, and more! “Our party is called FUCK LOVE. Whatever that means to you, that’s what it is”.

*Tickets online – may sell out before door.

For the social butterfly

Where – Love Thyself: Self-Pleasure
Workshop (Manhattan)

Sex educator, Lola Jean hosts this class for
women and trans/non-binary-identified
individuals, which provides two hours of
vaginal meditation, self-love affirmation and
lessons on pleasure. F the haters and chose
to make love to yourself! There will be
chocolates, essential oils, Prosecco, fake
candles, and a few toys for attendees.

*Tickets online.

What to Wear

Harnesses that you can rock on a night out!

F is for friendship!

Galentine’s Day

Where – Pick a space with enough room for chairs for all of your close ladies

I personally would rather spend time with my friends and family. Galentine’s Day is great as a potluck when everyone brings their favorite dish and you get to pig out while lifting each other up! Bring out your inner goddesses while celebrating each other on this day. Look up DIY crafts such as making bracelets and mini valentines to take home. Play games and make up fun drink specials for brunch or night to remember!

What to Wear

Leather harnesses and lace bralettes that can be worn with your everyday items for a little spice!

Remember ladies, gents and non-gender/gender-fluid friends, there is no shame in pretending this day doesn’t exist or staying home with some treats, toys and a Sex In The City marathon!

–Written by Breezy Diabo, February 2019

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