Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Cancer

Cancer season


Element: Water

Ruler: Moon

Strengths: Loyal, Charismatic, Persuasive, Great Imagination, Deeply Loving, Courageous, Nurturing, Full Of Joy

#Likes: Meaningful Friendships, Art, Freedom, Being Loved/Cared For, Security, Money



Cancers can be one of the most difficult zodiac signs to really get to know and understand. This sign needs attention and to feel needed in all aspects of their lives. Their desire to feel loved and appreciated leads to them developing a sense of security and self-identity. Yet, due to their fleeting emotional patterns, ups and downs, and moodiness, it can become hard to get close to them. Like the crab, Cancers can have a pretty thick armor to help them deal with the changes in the world and in their lives. Cancers can be deep and mysterious. They don’t like revealing too much of themselves, especially not all at once. Cancers aren’t even aware of their own inner strengths, but when they let go and enjoy themselves, they truly shine.

Sexy Side:

Cancer is a deeply loving sign. Sensual and emotional, Cancers are compassionate and almost unconditional in the love that they give to their partners and the people they are dating. I’ve seen first hand the suffering a Cancer can have when relationships, romantic or otherwise, don’t work out. For partners, they will always choose a person who can understand their, personal cues, non-verbal contact, and shared looks. Their affection won’t last long with superficial, flaky, vain or unreliable partners. The sex life they wish for stems from a partner who is able to make them feel calm, protected, and free to express themselves. One night stands or other meaningless sex are not normally on a Cancers agenda. For Cancers, sex is all about giving their partners pleasure and not self satisfaction. What you give is more important than what you get. Classic and passionate a Cancer will tend to look for long lasting partners and long-lasting lingerie. You can never go wrong with a cute garter belt lingerie and black lingerie for an amazing night!

Outfit Fit For A Crab Queen

*Note all lingerie, clothing and accessories picked are from female operated sustainable companies and carry an array of sizes for #everywoman

Water signs have a romantic nature and will often wear their emotions quite literally on their sleeve. Cancers usually dress according to their mood. Due to their sentimental streak, Crabs should look for clothes that have a story to them. Here are my top picks from the perfect black lingerie with a casual look or dressing it up.

Taryn Navy Geo Bralette

From LoveLorn Lingerie $50

This navy and black lingerie bralette is fit for any Cancer. It is hassle free and has longevity which Cancers love. Sexy yet sophisticated, the nylon mesh design reminds me of a Cancer’s armour.

Everlane Thong or Bikini

By Everlane || $12 or 3 for $27

No frills. No bows. No bullshit. Cancers will love this super-soft Supima cotton. “An everyday pair—without the pinching.” Maximum comfort!

Shop Here!

Everlane Thong

From Everlane $12


Gunslinger Leather Garter Band

By Love Lorn Lingerie $25-$52

I went with leather lingerie vs. lace for the garter belt lingerie because Cancers would rather have a piece they can wear over and over and lace tends to be harder to take care of for over long periods of time. This garter is sleek and the geometric shape reminds me of armor which is used to represent Cancer signs.


By designer Lauren Byrnes || $129

This skirt is everything from magical to elegant and wonderful for all body types. It tells a story. The designer is also inspired by vintage pinup looks. For me, this represents a Cancer perfectly as a water sign. Pair it with the navy and black bralette above and you’re ready for anything!

*Pair with silver flats, heels, sandals, boots, etc. Silver is the power color of a Cancer.

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Cyrena Tulle Skirt in French Blue

From Lauren Byrnes $129

Classic Luxury Tank, Black

From Les Sublimes Paris $56


By LES SUBLIMES PARIS || 50 euros ($56)

Pair this tank with the skirt above for a more polished going out look or with the jeans below for a relaxed fit. Sustainable and luxurious! It has that timeless look and the quality of the fabric is perfection/super soft.

Shop Here!


By Boyish || $138 on sale for $69

I really love Boyish because they care about microwaste and giving back to women for every purchase made. Dark navy is a great color for this water sign. The dyes are also eco friendly which would make any water sign happy.

Shop Here!

The Donny I Never Say Never

By Boyish $138 on sale for $69

What do you think, Cancer babes? Are you a yes or a no on these picks?

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