Monthly Newsletter: July 18th, 2021

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Hello! Happy Sunday! Here’s a peek into my life today:Went to the farmer’s market this morning and picked up another bouquet of flowers! I don’t know what they are but the purples are vivid and vibrant today. I’m trying out some of the tips you all sent me earlier this week when I asked how to keep cut flowers fresh! I snipped the ends of the stems and added a splash of Sprite to the water. Hopefully it works!

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New Styles this Week:

The Miette set! I guess I’ve been feeling the lightweight, airy vibe that we all long for during these hot summers – a cool breeze that rustles the trees and carries the sweat from our skin under the blazing sun. So these provide just a hint of black leather and glimmering gold without weighing you down.

Ready to Ship! M/L
Ready to Ship! S/M

And finally, on the work table today:

I cut into that new hide of shimmering teal cowhide! I’ve made the Tui set with it in size L/XL.

I’ve realized the leather has a softer hand than I initially expected, so it’s not suited for some styles. But! If you’re interested in ordering a set in this gorgeous leather, here are some of the designs that I think it’d work best for:  Fyllis, Aisling, Xenia, Ingrid, Nina, Clara, and Shih.

Just shoot me an email ( if you’d like any of the existing styles in this blue-green leather!

I also have a new idea that I’m really excited to work on but I’m still waiting on getting some of new supplies! It’s killing me to wait, but I’m hoping you all like the final product. I already have the name decided.

(psst it’s gonna be called the All-Devouring).


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