Yearly Newsletter March 3rd, 2023

YEARLY studio update! I was very very overly ambitious when I did my first studio update back in July 2021. Monthly! I should have realized I wasn’t going to do that haha. 

Anyway, it has been, what, nearly 1.5 years since my last studio blog update? I get so easily caught up in the everyday grind of making stuff; and to be honest, I didn’t have any big life or work changes that I felt were interesting enough to warrant a blog update.

However, now I do! If you’ve been following my social media (@lovelornlingerie on Instagram or @lvelornlingerie on Twitter), you’ll know that I recently found a studio space to rent and have just finished moving all my work stuff over! The new space is at 300 Observer Highway in Hoboken, NJ and is only a 10 minute walk from the nearest Path train, making it a much easier spot to get to for NYC folks. I’m very excited about the space – it’s with Project Studios LLC, which rents out spaces for various artists, designers and small business owners. I also get to use their amenities, which includes a photo studio, ceramics studio, wood shop, etc. 

Previously I wasn’t sure how this would affect my work rhythm; I’d been working from a home studio for 3 years, and while small, it’s obviously suuuuper convenient. Just wake up, have breakfast, and then stroll into the other room in my pajamas to work. Would having an outside studio slow me down? Would I miss having all my materials and tools on hand all the time? 

It turns out that I’m actually so much more productive in this studio! I never realized how often I’d get distracted by stuff at home! I guess I was constantly taking breaks to do stuff around the home – vacuum, water my plants, do dishes, do some online shopping on the computer. Being at the studio (and away from my computer) means I get a lot more meaningful work done (ie more orders made, and faster). 

So! My processing time is back to 1-2 weeks. During January I’d made the effort to go through and update all my item descriptions with a 3-4 week production time, and now I get to go through and change it all back to 1-2 weeks haha. I haven’t finished doing that yet, but do expect your orders to be completed faster and shipped out faster. If you’re ordering multiple items, it still might take closer 2-3 weeks, but it’ll be faster than before. 🙂

A few new styles have been introduced lately; most notably the Mantis Set and the Nymph set! Both with my penchant for using weird, non-clothing hardware!

I’ve also updated most of my styles with multiple color options (both leather colors and hardware colors), so be sure to check that out! 

There are several styles that will probably be discontinued soon. These include the Aria set (this will be archived once all the gold corner tip hardware has been used), the Liana set (I’ve pretty much used up this iridescent violet leather – I have small, medium, large bra cups cut out and just enough for the matching garter belts), and possibly the Shih set. So if you want any of those, get them soon!

And finally, if you’re local and would be interested in shopping directly from my studio, that will be an option soon! Feel free to shoot me an email with time options, your size and what styles you’d be interested in!

Anway, thank you all for reading and sticking with me! I’m excited to keep bringing you more leather pieces. 🙂 

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