3 Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Leather Harness

nonbinary leather harness fashion

Putting together outfits as a nonbinary person can sometimes be challenging. Fast fashion rarely creates pieces that are both affirming and sexy. Personally, I love handmade harnesses and believe it opens up a large amount of possibilities as either the centerpiece of your look or as a tremendously unique accessory. Harnesses aren’t bound by gender norms with a great selection of designs that complement diverse bodies. They are great additions as non-binary fashion grows and we search for items that are versatile, stylish, and well crafted. 

Getting a statement piece from Love Lorn Lingerie really feels like a must-have addition to my wardrobe. I’m rocking with the Martial Asymmetrical Leather Harness here. 

You can really feel the quality and skillful build of this leather handmade harness. The company made the black chest harness to my exact measurements, and the precise fit creates flexibility to style it for multiple occasions.

Day Fit

Every day looks don’t and won’t need to be understated! You can add the harness to a minimalist look for added style enhancement. All black with this harness will look amazing, whether it’s a dress, a suit, or T-shirt casual. Every day for me here is comfortable stretch slim jeans, a floral patterned shirt, and some gold sneakers to complement the black and gold harness. The leather harness is the top, and I enjoy building my outfits around this piece as the centerpiece of my look. Social distancing outdoors with your folks means you can give them something to really look at and express yourself. Wearing something that makes us feel sexy, strong, and seen is how I choose to tackle the pandemic.

Asymmetrical Leather Harness
asymmetrical leather harness

Party Fit

Have you been invited to another zoom party or virtual dance event? Or having a small event with the quarantine pod at home? The black leather harness works great with some fun bottoms, you can go topless to let the detail of the harness really shine. It’s comfortable to wear for the entire party without feeling restricted. Harnesses sold and marketed as Men’s BDSM clothing can work for diverse bodies and shouldn’t be thought of binary.

Intimate Fit

This black harness is alluring and sensual to wear, even more so when just paired with your intimate clothing. I love how the gold color feels bold, strong, and majestic. Having the handmade soft leather against the skin is a dream for folks who love tactile feel of texture. The harness isn’t bulky or cumbersome to wear, since it’s made out of a soft, lightweight leather, and you can leave it on to engage in any intimate activity that you create. Strap on the harness over your undergarments or just wear it by itself and nothing else. Sheltering at home never has to be dull.

black eather chest harness
*Note: Masks not included in photos, but please wear your mask when you leave your home. Stay safe, stay sexy!*

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Written by LT – Web, Twitter: @thunderlordlt, Instagram: @Lordofthunderlt

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