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3 Ways to Style the Hauteur Leather Neck Harness

Thanks to Lovelorn and their size- inclusive line of handcrafted leather goods, trying out plus size leather style has inspired me to use this harness in as many looks as possible. Whether you are in the kink community or not, this harness will spice up any V-day look. *Note: Masks not included in photos, but […]

3 Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Leather Harness

nonbinary leather harness fashion

Getting a statement piece from Love Lorn Lingerie really feels like a must-have addition to my wardrobe. I’m rocking with the Martial Asymmetrical Leather Harness here.  You can really feel the quality and skillful build of this leather handmade harness. The company made the black chest harness to my exact measurements, and the precise fit […]

3 Ways to Style a Black Leather Harness for Fall!

black leather harness

A crisp handpicked apple for breakfast. A soft cozy sweater against your skin. A good cup of warm hot tea to soothe your soul. These are the things Autumn is made of! This season we are taking this gorgeous genuine leather body belt and pairing it with some everyday favorites to create the perfect Autumn […]

Why Choose Leather For Harnesses?

black leather harness

Why Choose Leather? Leather has been around for a long, long time. It’s been used as a fabric before fashion was even a thing. It has served many purposes through multiple generations, and has proven to withstand the test of time. Despite leather’s extensive history, issues and criticisms against its usage has only come to […]

Starter Story Interview: How I Started My Own Lingerie Business Side Hustle

An interview with Starter story The Home-Grown Efforts of an Independent Lingerie Business Last year, I had the pleasure of doing a written interview with Starter Story, a blog that interviews entrepreneurs and business owners from all different disciplines. I posted this interview on my social media but completely forgot to link it here! But […]

Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Cancer

Cancer season

“THE CRAB” Element: Water Ruler: Moon Strengths: Loyal, Charismatic, Persuasive, Great Imagination, Deeply Loving, Courageous, Nurturing, Full Of Joy #Likes: Meaningful Friendships, Art, Freedom, Being Loved/Cared For, Security, Money CRAB SEASON! ABOUT THIS GODDESS: Cancers can be one of the most difficult zodiac signs to really get to know and understand. This sign needs attention […]

Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Gemini

gemini style guide

“THE TWINS” Element : Air Ruler : Mercury Strengths : Can See Both Sides To An Issue, Adaptable, Can Handle Many Tasks At Once, Quick Witted, Clever, Loves To Listen & Learn, Loyal, Youthful, & The Life Of The Party #Likes : Keeping Things Fresh & Spontaneous, Sex, Daydreaming, Reading, Art, Writing, Adventure TWIN SEASON! […]

Sustainable for Spring!

Art: Kosuke Sugimoto

Written by Breezy Diabo The world seems to be turning upside down. There are times I simply want to run and hide under my covers with the ever-changing weather patterns, corrupt politicians, and new abortion bans. There are so many aspects in life none of us can control, but we can control what we buy […]