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Spring 2019 Look Book || The Brooding Flesh

leather harness lingerie look book

Love Lorn Lingerie Spring 2019 Look Book The Brooding Flesh || Leather Harness Lingerie A leather harness lingerie look book with an androgynous bent. Model: Rafael Castaldo (@redbottomheelys), Hair styling by John Morales (@hairbyjohnj) and Makeup by Nivi Bruce (@nivi_b_makeup)

Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Taurus

Taurus Sign

“THE BULL” Element : Earth Ruler : Venus Strengths : Reliable, Practical, Stable, Devoted, Loyal #Likes : High Quality Clothing, Lavish Goods + Foods, Romance BULL SEASON! ABOUT THIS GODDESS: Solid and persistent, just like the bull, Taurus’ are one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Taurus’ like to harvest the fruits of […]

Breaking Up in the Age of Social Media

breaking up, social media, leather harnesses, sexy lingerie

By Breezy Diabo “We need to talk…” or “Can we talk?” Any combination with the words “we” and “talk” used to instill fear in our bones. We knew what was coming next: a very awkward conversation tidied up with pretty phrases like “It’s just not the right time,” or “It’s not you it’s me, but […]

Valentine’s Day Guide For The New Yorker

By Breezy Diabo Welp it’s that time of year again… Valentine’s Day. Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, it’s my theory that you either love it or you could care less about it. Originating as a Western Christian feast day, VDay honored one or two early saints named Valentinus. […]

Love Lorn Lingerie’s 5 Year Anniversary!

On this day five years ago, I started an Etsy shop on a whim, using a name that I thought sounded catchy, descriptive, sweet, and a little lonesome. Love Lorn Lingerie. At the time, I didn’t think that this would be anything more than a minor hobby, something that would maybe pay for itself. I […]

New Year, New Sex

Sex positive, leather harness, sex postions

Writer: Breezy Diabo || January 2019 The phrase “new year, new me” will soon be flooding social media platforms all over for the next few months, until our unrealistically high set resolutions and goals for the year fade. Some may pledge to the sweat and tears of a ‘better body’, while other swear off sugar, […]

Visit Love Lorn Lingerie’s Home Studio!

Love Lorn Lingerie Home Studio

Welcome to my Home Studio! Hello All!  In this post, I’m going to give you all a short tour of my tiny lingerie and leather harness-making home studio! Like many indie designers in NYC, I work out of my home, which in this case is a tiny one room apartment. My “studio” consists of a small […]

Summer 2018 PVC Capsule Collection Look Book

pvc lingerie

Introducing Love Lorn Lingerie’s first pvc lingerie collection for Summer 2018 . Big thanks to the talented Freshie (@freshieisntcool) for directing, shooting and editing this shoot, and to Sól Invictus (@mistress.sol) for her beautiful modeling, posing, and grace. Shop the pvc lingerie collection here.

Fashioning a Lingerie Photoshoot

lingerie photoshoot bts

For me, the journey from design to the final lingerie photoshoot has always been meandering and stuttering. Try as I might, it’s difficult to for me to focus on a singular path, to keep a clear vision in my head. Even as I write this, I’ve bounced from this document to my 20+ chrome tabs, […]