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3 Ways to Style the Hauteur Leather Neck Harness

Thanks to Lovelorn and their size- inclusive line of handcrafted leather goods, trying out plus size leather style has inspired me to use this harness in as many looks as possible. Whether you are in the kink community or not, this harness will spice up any V-day look. *Note: Masks not included in photos, but […]

3 Ways to Style a Black Leather Harness for Fall!

black leather harness

A crisp handpicked apple for breakfast. A soft cozy sweater against your skin. A good cup of warm hot tea to soothe your soul. These are the things Autumn is made of! This season we are taking this gorgeous genuine leather body belt and pairing it with some everyday favorites to create the perfect Autumn […]

Love Lorn Lingerie Zodiac Style Guides: Taurus

Taurus Sign

“THE BULL” Element : Earth Ruler : Venus Strengths : Reliable, Practical, Stable, Devoted, Loyal #Likes : High Quality Clothing, Lavish Goods + Foods, Romance BULL SEASON! ABOUT THIS GODDESS: Solid and persistent, just like the bull, Taurus’ are one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Taurus’ like to harvest the fruits of […]