Valentine’s Day 2016 Lingerie Look Book – Love is War

**This page contains 18+ material.**

A fun, moody little lingerie look book shoot we did for Valentine’s Day 2016. Rented this adorable little studio spot (@thingstolookatstudio) in Tribeca, NY for a few hours. The interior was deep and filled with interesting decor and knicknacks (even a sword!). I really wanted to do something very different from our debut lookbook, which was very bright/light and minimalist, so we ended up with a darker, more saturated look. I was thinking warrior queen/goddess/Moulin Rouge – just a few of the guises a woman can adapt, a mix of power and sensuality, strength and vulnerability – willfully given but never forcibly taken.

Model is the lovely Julia Knoth, and shot by the very talented Kristin Tully. Working with these ladies was a dream, and I’m so very happy with the result. <3

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